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Winner's of Best Playground in London Award 2013

Voted by London Play

We were nominated for the most 'Best variety in an adventure play setting' and came away with the BIG awards as London Play's BEST ADVERTURE OF THE YEAR AWARD 2013

The Children and all associated with the adventure plaground couldn't be more happier and pround than we are today 1st November 2013!

Finalists in the 2013 London Adventure Play Awards assembled to eat popcorn, watch films and find out if they have won the coveted main prize.

With a record number of entries for the 2013 awards, the event was be the best yet!

London Play had entries from lots of adventure playgrounds, schools and community groups so there was a good spread.

Films that the children made about their playgrounds to enter the awards was shown on the big screen - there was popcorn and there was plenty of fun!


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