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This form must be completed for your child aged 6 or over so they can play on Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground.


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Does your child have any communication, physical access needs, behavioural issues, allergies, or other medical conditions you would like us to be aware of to enable them to get the most out of being here, and to be safe?

Consent: You must read the information below and sign to show you consent to the terms and conditions of your child being able to play on Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground.

Open Access: Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground is an open access playground for children between the ages of 6-15. There is no charge for coming to the playground and children aged 6 and over are free to come and go as they please – we do not provide childcare. Children under 6 are welcome but must always be accompanied by a parent or carer.

Personal items: We are not responsible for money, phones etc and we strongly recommend that children wear appropriate clothes that may get wet, messy or dirty as they play in all weathers.

Accidents/incidents: You are giving permission for your child to be given medical/hospital treatment in case of emergency. All incidents/accidents will be recorded and you will be contacted via the information you give on this form.

Information sharing: We are required by the law and regulations to share information with the London Borough of Hackney and other public authorities for safeguarding and monitoring purposes. We will keep information on this form about your child locked in our office and on secure computer reporting systems. This includes the Hackney IYSS secure database used to monitor users and attendance as part of our funding contract in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

You must consent to our information sharing policy otherwise your child cannot use the playground.

Please tick whether you do or do not consent to all of the above.

Photographs and images: To promote the playground to funders and charities we use images of children playing, which we use on printed material like annual reports and/or on our website and social media.


Please tick whether you do or do not consent to use of images.

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I confirm that I have provided the information required and read the information above. I consent to Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground securely holding and sharing the information I have given.

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69 Shakespeare Walk,

Stoke Newington,

London, England

N16 8TB

Tel: 020 7249 8405

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Opening Times

Summer Term 2021

6-15 year olds, drop offs (except SEN), 

Wed, Thurs, Fridays: 3:30-6:30pm

Saturday 12-5pm

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