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Visiting Adults Policy 

Welcome to Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground (SWAPA).

Our playground is designed for older children and teenagers (age 6 to 16) to play and have space to hang out with their friends, unaccompanied by parents. They are funded by Hackney Council to provide places for older children and young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


SWAPA allows parents to attend with younger children, while children gain the confidence to attend by themselves. We welcome the positive relationships formed with parents and carers who visit the adventure playgrounds.


Many Adventure Playgrounds do not allow adults or parents to attend at all. At SWAPA, visiting adults are allowed to attend at the discretion of our staff and under the supervision of our staff during play session time only. Adults may be asked to leave at any time, at the discretion of the Senior Playworker, if they are causing a disturbance or if it is not possible to supervise them onsite.


Adventure Playgrounds are built on key principles and values such as respect, kindness and care and we expect all visitors to support this. We expect all adults to act as role models, treating everyone on site with courtesy and respect and recognising shared responsibility for safety and care.

Some dos and don’ts

Please do:

  • Sign in using the visitors’ signing in sheet

  • Encourage your child to play, explore and enjoy themselves.

  • Be responsible for supervising your younger children (ie age 5 and younger).

  • Be friendly, welcoming and respectful to all children and adults on site.

  • Listen to our staff and follow instructions from our staff – they are there to support everyone’s health and safety and enjoyment of the site.

  • Make an appointment to speak to our staff, if you wish to raise a concern.

Please don’t:

  • Shout or raise your voice.

  • Swear or use discriminatory or abusive language.

  • Behave in a way that is upsetting or threatening to other adults or children, including our staff.

  • Intervene with other people’s children, eg giving other children instructions or manhandling them.


If you are concerned about the behaviour of a child, please ask to speak to the Senior Playworker.

Abusive, Threatening and Violent Behaviour
Occasionally, the behaviour of a few adult visitors can cause disruption, unhappiness or stress. We will not tolerate shouting or abusive behaviour towards our staff or children and young people on the playground premises.

SWAPA staff have a right to expect that the club is a safe environment in which to work. SWAPA will take appropriate action if the play team are subjected to shouting, abuse, threats or violence by any
visiting adult.

In the event of shouting, abuse, threats or violence, permission may be withdrawn for adults to be on the playground, our staff may ask them to leave and the police may be called.

Records are kept of each incident. This includes details of any people who witnessed the unacceptable behaviour and evidence could be used in court if necessary.

Any adult who wishes to appeal against a ban may write to the SWAPA Senior Playworker by email on

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