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Our Mission 

“Children are a kind of indicator species. If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people” - Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogota

Our mission is to allow children and young people to play as naturally as possible, that is, feel free to try things out, experiment and build resilience - all crucial building blocks for growth and development.

We do this by creating a nurturing, collaborative and fun space to make mistakes, learn through trial and error, take risks and build skills that will empower children to manage situations in the future. Our mission includes asking all trustees and staff to work within the Play Principles and relevant legislation.

Who and What is SWAPA?

Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground (SWAPA) is a charitable organisation run by a voluntary management committee of trustees, who work in partnership with the playwork team. Once a year we have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where parents and local community members can choose to join the management committee or help out as volunteers.

The playground is staffed with qualified first-aiders and professional playworkers who are on hand ensuring the safety of the children at all times.

Click here to meet our talented staff 

We also work in partnership with Hackney Play Association, building links with the local Community Police and various other groups and agencies and encourage those who show interest, older users, trainees and volunteers, to develop a career in playwork or childcare. 

We are in part funded by Hackney Council, but increasingly rely on fundraising to meet our day to day running costs. Support our work by giving a one off donation, or ideally becoming part of our growing network of supporters by pledging a small amount monthly: 

History of SWAPA

The playground has been community run for 45 years and has seen generations of young people pass through. Our community has a wealth of diversity - including Kurdish, Turkish, Muslim, Hindu, Irish, English, Egyptian, Caribbean, Greek Cypriot and Eastern European families.  

SWAPA is local, it's free and we encourage neighbouring and related friends to all play together. The playground is accessible and all inclusive, which enables children with physical and learning difficulties to share in the freedom of choice and adventure along with their peers. 

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