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Policies & Procedures

Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground has full policies and procedures in place, which you can consult here, with thanks to Hackney Play Association for sharing best practice in developing these documents. 


Before anything else, play is at the heart of everything we do!

Our Play Policy Statement

We view children's  right to express themselves through play as core to SWAPA, managing risk and wellbeing, as detailed in our 

Children Behaviour Policy


SWAPA is a mostly adult free zone but if you're coming on site, we will expect you to respect our

Visiting Adults Policy

Safeguarding, supporting and promoting children’s welfare is our core mission, as detailed in our

Safeguarding Policy


Equality, Inclusion and Diversity are at the heart of how we run SWAPA.

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Bullying online and in the real world is something we take very seriously.

Cyber-Bullying Policy

Find out about roles, responsibilities and procedures in place to support SWAPA visitors and staff 

Health and Safety Policy

Information we collect and handle is protected by our 

Confidentiality Policy

If you have any concerns or complaints, here are the steps to follow

Complaints Procedure

We review and update our policies, procedures and staff handbook on an annual basis (last update September 2023). Thanks to the Hackney Play Association for generously sharing their expertise in the development of these documents. 


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