Private Hire

SWAPA is one of the most unique and fun places to host an event - whether it's a kids' party, company away day or meeting space, your guests are sure to have a memorable time.

Our kitchen allows you to prepare on-site if you'd like, or at the very least get things organised if you'd rather prepare in advance.

One SWAPA member of staff will be on hand to open/close the facility. Guests come and play at their own risk :)

Contact us to discuss, including hire rates and terms. 

Birthday Parties

Kids love SWAPA parties. The hours fly by with kids exploring and discovering new bits of the playground that they have all to themselves.

You can use  the kitchen to prepare lunch, or cook it over the fire if you'd rather... 

Email to check availability and book

"I didn't even know about this place until I came here for my friends party! It's amazing!" - Child, 8 years old

"We loved having a party at Swapa. There is just so much room for the children to let off steam and it felt like something a bit different from the usual children’s parties. It’s such a magical space. My daughter still talks about that as her favourite birthday party ever." - Parent

Nursery and School Visits

SWAPA regularly hosts nurseries and schools to use the space during the daytime. We have a large sand pit, garden and climbing structures that the children love using, and indoor/outdoor facilities to meet their needs.

"It’s a really helpful, fun and necessary place for our students to be able to develop all of their social and motor skills."

- Luis Lopez, Exercise Tutor, The Garden School

(Special Education School in Hackney)



Corporate volunteer days

We offer a variety of opportunities for organisations to meet their CSR agenda.

A truly unique and valuable experience, SWAPA regularly host corporate volunteer days which include hands-on training, and working with power tools to complete a project for example,

re-building a walkway for one of our climbing structures.

Not only will people experience the satisfaction of completing a project in one day, they'll be helping to make the site safe for children and ensure its longevity.

"We want more days like this!" - Coordinator, JP Morgan

"It was a terrific day... the team were really motivated and pumped that we achieved so much" - Head of IT, Liberty Strategic Management Corporation (LSM)

"Truly an inspiration" -  Head of Communications, British Land 

Meetings, workshops, events

Indoor provision for meetings, workshops, events

Coming soon...