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Hiring SWAPA 

Need a space to celebrate a birthday, or a space for children 6 -16 to enjoy the great outdoors?


  Our large swings and structures, sandpit, skate ramp and more offer plenty of entertainment and you can use our fully fitted kitchen to rustle up snacks or even get the campfire going!


There are so many possibilities here and there'll be a member of staff on site to help you find what you need.

For indoor provision for meetings, workshops, events, 

contact us with your requirements to discuss how we can help.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a hassle free, exciting option to celebrate your child's birthday?


Our site is perfect for 6-16 year old's birthday parties.

Have a lot of fun while supporting our work!

The playground is available for hire for children's parties on Sundays- that's right- sole use of the whole site inside and out! Money from party hires directly supports our free open access play sessions.

You can use  the kitchen to prepare lunch, or cook it over the fire if you'd rather... 

Email us to check availability and book!


"I didn't even know about this place until I came here for my friends party! It's amazing!" - Child, 8 years old

"We loved having a party at Swapa. There is just so much room for the children to let off steam and it felt like something a bit different from the usual children’s parties. It’s such a magical space.

My daughter still talks about that as her favourite birthday party ever." - Parent

Community & school hire 


Are you a school, home ed group, a uniformed youth group, forest school, or other organisation working with 6-16 year olds?


If you're looking for somewhere the children can blow off some steam, have an end of year treat, have a practical experience of making a campfire, learn about reused or recycled materials, learn how to skateboard, build their confidence...


You've come to the right place!

We have a large sand pit, garden and climbing structures that the children love using, and indoor/outdoor facilities to meet their needs.

And if your service is free/low cost to families then your organisation might be eligible for our reduced community hire rate. We are open to discuss use by people of other ages.


"It’s a really helpful, fun and necessary place for our students to be able to develop all of their social and motor skills."

- Luis Lopez, Exercise Tutor, The Garden School

(Special Education School in Hackney)



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