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Support SWAPA

SWAPA is run by an independent charity dedicated to keeping our Open Access adventure playground FREE.

We couldn't do it without the support of people like you.​

There are loads of ways you can support our work, through donations, shopping or crowdfunders, by offering your time.

You can also hire SWAPA for a children's party or for a team building day.


Keep reading to find out more!



 You can send a one off donation or sign up to donate monthly.


Regular monthly donations help us to be able to plan better and really get things moving but we appreciate times are tough and we assure you that any contribution you make will be put to good use.

Zipline Crowdfunder

Support our crowd funder to rebuild the zip-line!

We love our massive wooden play structures, we can paint them, nail things to them and add interesting things to them but wood doesn't last forever.


Our much loved zip-line has been out of commission since Summer 2022 and we would *love* to rebuild it.


Everyone misses it a lot.


Can you help the kids get their zip-line back? Wouldn't it be awesome to have it back up and running before Summer 2023!



Amazon Wishlist

Buy something on our Amazon wish list!

Our Amazon wish list is filled with every day essentials that we need all the time as well as larger things that would really add something to the play space but we currently can't afford.


Items range from £5 to £1000.

We are so grateful for anything you can contribute 


As you can probably imagine, having this much fun creates a lot of mess and we have a lot of resources that always need tidying and sorting to make sure we know where to find them when we want them. 


Lend us your skills or know how

Are you an electrician, a plumber, a boiler engineer, a locksmith, a carpenter, a builder, a graffiti artist, an accountant, or have any other kind of skill you think might be useful for our little charity and you're happy to donate your time if we need help?

Volunteer your time to help with site maintenance, cleaning, tidying, o our community events

Maybe you're local and you've got some time during the week to help us stay on top of everything. Or maybe you're up for lending us a hand to make sure our 4 community open days per year run as smoothly as they can. This might including preparing and serving food, welcoming people, supporting Playworkers to get activities going and help with clearing up. We'd love to hear from you

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